Brutusin json-forms is a JSON Schema to HTML form generator, supporting dynamic subschemas (on the fly resolution). Extensible and customizable library with zero dependencies. Bootstrap add-ons provided

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bower version Build Status org.brutusin:json-forms is a javascript library that generates HTML forms from JSON Schemas. Table of Contents: - Features - Usage - Demo - Dynamic schemas - API - CDN - Support, bugs and requests - Authors - License


  • Dynamic schemas support
  • Extensible and customizable
  • No external libraries needed
  • Validation
  • Multiple forms per document supported


Include the main library dependencies: ```html ``` Optionally, include the bootstrap extension (requires bootstrap): ```html ``` Create the javascript BrutusinForms instance, schema being a javascript object representing the schema structure: ```javascript var schema = {"type": "boolean"} var BrutusinForms = brutusin"json-forms"; var bf = BrutusinForms.create(schema); ``` And finally render the form inside a container with optional preloaded JSON initial data, data: ```javascript var container = document.getElementById('container'); bf.render(container, data); ```



Dynamic schemas

This library supports dynamic schemas, that is, subschemas that can change depending on the value of other parts of the data. This lets creating dynamic forms that vary their shape depending on the values entered by the user. This is extremely useful for big autogenerated schemas, that aggregates lots of subschemas and have functional bindings, given that it allows to show the user a simpler, non-error-prone form, also avoiding asking for unneeded data. Dynamic schemas are built upon two main blocks:
  • Custom (non-standard) schema property called dependsOn, to build the subschemas dependency graph

dependsOn schema extension

Dynamic schema resolution


Static members:

Member|Description ------| ------- BrutusinForms.create(schema)|BrutusinForms factory method BrutusinForms.addDecorator(f(htmlElement, schema))| Register a callback function to be notified after an HTML element has been rendered (passed as parameter). See brutusin-json-forms-bootstrap.js for an example of bootstrap decorator. BrutusinForms.postRender(instance)|Callback function to be notified after a BrutusinForms instance has been rendered (passed as parameter) BrutusinForms.instances|Array containing all the BrutusinForms instances created in the document by the factory method.

Instance members:

Member|Description ------| ------- bf.render(container, data)| Renders the form inside the the container, with the specified data preloaded bf.validate()| Returns true if the input data entered by the user passes validation bf.getData()| Returns the javascript object with the data entered by the user bf.schemaResolver(schemaIdArray, data)| Schema resolver for dynamic schemas


Support bugs and requests


  • Ignacio del Valle Alles ()
Contributions are always welcome and greatly appreciated!


Apache License, Version 2.0