Code transformation command line tool.

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This package is currently in BETA


This is a command line tool that transforms ES6/ES7 code into ES5 code. The typescript package is used for transformations.


To install this package execute the following command in the console from within your project.
npm install --save build-transform

Once the package is installed you can run the tool from a terminal using the build-transform command. Normally you will do this within an npm script element. Take the following excerpt from an example package.json file:
  "scripts": {
    "transform": "build-transform \"src/**/*.js\"",
    "transform-watch": "build-transform \"src/**/*.js\" -w",

In the example above the transform script will perform transformations on files with an extension of .js within the src folder. The transform-watch script will perform transformations on the same files whenever one of them is updated or added.
Also notice that the glob patterns are surrounded by double quotes. This is necessary in order to prevent the terminal from expanding the glob patterns into actual file paths.


build-transform <files> [<files>] [-i <dir>] [-w] [-k]
| Option | Description | | --- | --- | | <files> | A glob pattern that identifies files to tranform. Multiple glob patterns can be specified. | | -i | The base directory used when creating folder paths in the output directory. Defaults to the current working directory. | | -k | When this option is specified the output folder will not be deleted before files are emitted. | | -w | When present the files specified in the files glob pattern(s) will be watched for changes and transformed when they do change. |