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Build-UI for React JS
Build-UI is a simple library thought for React developers packed with features that allow them to effortlessly create website builders. It comes with drag and drop functionality, undo-redo logic, site serialization and deserialization along with some other interesting tools out of the box. Because of the way it is built, it also supports other features such as SSR and component dynamic loading without you having to worry about their implementations. Please be aware that Build-UI is currently an early-stage project in development phase.
Overview 🔎
With Build-UI, you can create anything from a very simple to a fully-featured website builder. Build-UI lets you create your website builder on top of your own or third-party React Components. With Build-UI, you only need a lightweight extra layer of code to handle website-building logic, which is made as simple and as transparent as possible.
Installation đŸ’ģ
You can install via npm with the command: ``` npm install --save build-ui ```
Demo 🕹ī¸
A cool demo is now live at You can also play and experiment with the demo in your local environment. ```shell
git clone
cd build-ui/examples/demo
npm install
npm run dev
Documentation 📖
Visit our documentation at to learn more about Build UI 😃.
Tutorial ✏ī¸
Go check out our tutorial at: