Add an interactive credit card animation to your payment form.

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React credit card component

jessepollak's Card make credit card forms look awesome. card-react is a React component that aims to do the same for React.

From version 1.1.20 card-react supports React 0.14.7 and up


- Validate inputs - Format form inputs - Identify card type - Initialize the card element with user details - The card element itself don't have to be a child of the form - it can be rendered anywhere

How to install

- npm install card-react - Add card.css file to your project's stylesheets. You can find it at lib/ folder.


Include card-react in your code:
import CardReactFormContainer from 'card-react';

Once included, you can initialize the component. you'll need to make the component the container of your form:

  // the id of the container element where you want to render the card element.
  // the card component can be rendered anywhere (doesn't have to be in ReactCardFormContainer).
  container="card-wrapper" // required

  // an object contain the form inputs names.
  // every input must have a unique name prop.
      number: 'CCnumber', // optional — default "number"
      expiry: 'CCexpiry',// optional — default "expiry"
      cvc: 'CCcvc', // optional — default "cvc"
      name: 'CCname' // optional - default "name"

  // initial values to render in the card element
  initialValues= {
      number: '4242424242424242', // optional — default •••• •••• •••• ••••
      cvc: '123', // optional — default •••
      expiry: '16/12', // optional — default ••/••
      name: 'Random Name' // optional — default FULL NAME

  // the class name attribute to add to the input field and the corresponding part of the card element,
  // when the input is valid/invalid.
      valid: 'valid-input', // optional — default 'jp-card-valid'
      invalid: 'invalid-input' // optional — default 'jp-card-invalid'

  // specify whether you want to format the form inputs or not
  formatting={true} // optional - default true

    <input placeholder="Full name" type="text" name="CCname" />
    <input placeholder="Card number" type="text" name="CCnumber" />
    <input placeholder="MM/YY" type="text" name="CCexpiry" />
    <input placeholder="CVC" type="text" name="CCcvc" />


// the container in which the card component will be rendered - can be anywhere in the DOM
<div id="card-wrapper"></div>

To run the example:

- npm install - npm start


- npm start - Open http://localhost:8000/ - npm run build after you make the changes

Future Plans

- move to webpack - add tests
You are more than welcome to contribute. Enjoy!