Simple schema migration tool for Apache Cassandra

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Cassandra Migration
Migrates the schema of Cassandra based on the definition contained within CQL files matching the specified naming convention in the specified directory.
npm install --save cassandra-migration
By default the script will look for a file named migrate.json
Run the script
cassandra-migration migrate.json
Config File
The configuration file contains general options at the top level and the cassandra connection configuration. The cassandra section should comply with the configuration supported by the cassandra-driver module. All other sections provide directives to the tool itself.
The keyspace is required, and must be created outside of the migrations. The schema_version table will be created within this keyspace.
Example config:
  "migrationsDir": "cassandra/schema/migrations",
  "quiet": false,
  "cassandra": {
    "contactPoints": [ "cass0", "cass1" ],
    "datacenterName": "datacenter1",
    "localDataCenter": "datacenter1",
    "useSingleNode": false,
    "keyspace": "data",
    "protocolOptions": {
      "port": 9042
    "socketOptions": {
      "connectTimeout": 15000
  "auth": {
    "username": "foo",
    "password": "bar"

  • The auth section of the config is optional.
  • Also the datacenterName is optional but needed when useSingleNode is set to true. If it is configured, the Cassandra client will use WhiteListPolicy and tries to connect only via the first node of contactPoints that you configured. This follows the recommendations of DataStax to only migrate one node at a time and let the cluster replicate the schema updates itself. Otherwise, there is a chance that the cluster breaks.
Migration Files
The migration files should all be reside at the root level of the directory specified by migrationDir in the config file. Each configuration file should follow the format <VERSION>__<TITLE>.cql
Each query statement within the file should be separated by three hyphens: ---
CREATE TABLE my_keyspace.my_first_table (
  id int PRIMARY KEY,
  name text,
  record_timestamp timestamp
CREATE TABLE my_keyspace.my_second_table (
  id int PRIMARY KEY,
  description text,
  record_timestamp timestamp

Build a release

npm run build

How to release a new version

  1. commit all your changes
  2. execute npm run release. The command will automatically do a version bump.
npm run release

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