Multi proccessing with workers in the browser.

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Formerly known as Communist, Catiline is the same great web worker library but with a name you can use with your boss.
A JavaScript library all about workers. Workers should make your life easier not harder and with Catiline launching a new worker is as simple as calling a function, and it works the same across all (modern) browsers.
How easy? var worker = cw(myFunc) creates a worker, send it data with var response = DATA);, response is a promise. It's that easy, for more in depth usage checkout the examples bellow or the API page.
Want to use it? Grab the development version or production version from the dist folder.
For usage in addition to the API page and documentation, I wrote a blog posts about Catiline, or you can browse some demos:

Updates and changes are all in the changelog.
There is also a plugin list.
Important: the file catiline.js or catiline.min.js should be a stand alone file hosted on the same domain as your web page, if you can't or need to bundle catiline but you need it to work on IE10, Opera, and Safari. You have to host the file "SHIMWORKER.js" on the same domain as the html file and set the path to it in a global variable SHIM_WORKER_PATH before you load catiline.
This grew out of my work with earlier versions
of this library and my differences in opinion with Parallel.js's direction. There is also a library doing very similar things called operative
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