Chabok Javascript client for browsers, Web Workers & Node.js

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Chabok Push Client for Javascript
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This Chabok Push client library supports web browsers, web workers.
Please check library changes.

Getting started

Yarn (or NPM)

You can use any NPM-compatible package manager, including NPM itself and Yarn.
npm install chabokpush --save
yarn add chabokpush

import chabokpush from 'chabokpush';

Or, if you're not using ES6 modules:
const chabokpush = require('chabokpush');


<script src="[X.Y.Z]/dist/chabokpush.min.js"></script>
Replace X.Y.Z with the latest version

Web Push Browser Support

The following table shows browsers' support for chabok messaging and web push notifications:
Browser web push chabok messaging Notes
Chrome ✓ v42+ In v51 and less, the gcm_sender_id is needed to get a push subscription.
Edge ✓ v17+ (April 2018)
Firefox ✓ v44+
Opera ✓ v39+ Opera supports push on Android but not on desktop.

The gcm_sender_id is needed to get a push subscription.
Samsung Internet Browser ✓ v4.0.10-53+ The gcm_sender_id is needed to get a push subscription.

For supporting web push notifications on chrome, opera and Samsung internet browser gcm_sender_id should be added to Manifest.js: (If you already have created your gcm_sender_id, you can find it in panel>setting>android cart)
    "gcm_sender_id": "GCM_SENDER_ID",
then add the Manifest.js to your root index.html:
  <link rel="manifest" href="manifest.json">


const auth = {
  appId: 'APP_ID',
  webKey: 'WEB_TOKEN',
const options={silent: true}

const chabok = new chabokpush.Chabok(auth, options)
if devMode enabled you can Test your Project on development Mode. You can get your APP_ID, API_KEY, USERNAME and PASSWORD from the Chabok dashboard.


There are a number of configuration parameters which can be set for the ChabokPush client, which can be passed as an object to the ChabokPush constructor, i.e.:
| Param | Type | Default | Description | | --- | --- | --- | --- | | options | Object | | | | options.realtime | Object | true | set false to disable Realtime Connection | | options.webpush | Object | | | | options.webpush.enabled | Boolean | false | Set true to enable push Notification | | options.silent | Boolean | true | Receive messages Silently |

Sample Usage

const auth = {
  appId: 'APP_ID',
  webKey: 'WEB_TOKEN',
  devMode: true
 const options = {
   webpush: {
     enabled: true,
     publicKey: 'demo'
   silent: false,

const chabok = new chabokpush.Chabok(auth, options)

chabok.on('registered', deviceId => console.log('DeviceId ', deviceId))

chabok.on('connected', _ => {
  chabok.subscribe('important') // subscribe to important channel
  chabok.subscribeEvent('geo') // subscribe to geo events

chabok.on('message', msg => console.log('Message ', msg))
chabok.on('geo', geoEvent => console.log('Geo Event ', geoEvent))

chabok.on('connecting', _ => console.log('Reconnecting'))
chabok.on('disconnected', _ => console.log('offline'))
chabok.on('closed', _ => console.log('disconnected'))

if (chabok.isRegistered() && chabok.getUserId()) {
} else {
  chabok.register('012345678910111213') // your userId