Upload large files from the browser with ease

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Upload large files from the browser with ease
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See examples/integrator.ts for good example of usage.
import chunkinator from 'chunkinator';

chunkinator is a main customizable high level component that gives you a way to upload large files. It takes a file as an input and pushes it through Observable pipe that consist of the following parts:
  • slicenator
  • hashinator
  • probinator
  • uploadinator
  • processinator

As a second argument chunkinator takes configuration options with following interface:
interface Options {
  chunkSize: number;
  hashingConcurrency: number;
  hashingFunction?: HashingFunction;
  probingBatchSize: number;
  probingFunction: ProbingFunction;
  uploadingConcurrency: number;
  uploadingFunction: UploadingFunction;
  processingBatchSize: number;
  processingFunction?: ProcessingFunction;

As a third argument chunkinator takes list of handy callbacks. Currently there is only one: onProgress.


This component takes a blob, chunk size and returns Observable sequential stream of blob chunks.
Options' chunkSize is what defines chunk size


This component takes stream of blobs and hashes each chunk. Returning stream contains blob and it's hash.
Options' hashingConcurrency defines how many chunks are hashed at the same time. hashingFunction is optional hashing function. If hashingFunction is not provided SHA-1 will be used instead.


This component takes already hashed blobs and probes each of them with backend for it already being uploaded. Resulting stream contains blob with hash and boolean indicating if it exists on a backend already.
Options' probingFunction is a function that takes batch of hashed blobs and returns list of booleans. probingBatchSize controls how many hashed blobs are given to probing function at a time.


This component takes probed and hashed blobs and uploads them if blob doesn't exists on a backend.
Options' uploadingFunction is a callback that takes a blob and uploads it to the server. uploadingConcurrency controls how many of these calls happens at the same time.


With this component consumer has an opportunity to finalize already uploaded chunks in some way.
Options' processingFunction defines a function that is called with sequential batches of uploaded chunks. processingBatchSize controls how many uploaded chunks are given to processing function.

onProgress callback

This callback is called with every uploaded chunk. The only argument it is called with a portion of already uploaded chunks to it's total number.