A Swiss Army Knife of text operations. Great for removing smart quotes, non-ASCII characters, and more.

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By Davis E. Ford -

A Swiss Army Knife of text operations. Great for removing smart quotes, non-ASCII characters, emojis, and more.


npm i clean-text-utils --save
import * as cleanTextUtils from 'clean-text-utils';

let txt = 'Iлtèrn, get rid of these so-called “💩emoji💩”';
// Let's clean this up
txt = cleanTextUtils.strip.emoji(txt);
txt = cleanTextUtils.replace.diacritics(txt);
txt = cleanTextUtils.replace.smartChars(txt);
>>> 'Intern, get rid of these so-called "emoji"'



cleanTextUtils.get.capitalized - Capitalizes the first character of a given string.
cleanTextUtils.get.checksum - Given any data, returns a unique checksum. Pass in md5 or sha1 for different algorithms. sha256 is enabled by default.
cleanTextUtils.get.filename - Given a url or filepath, returns the filename.
cleanTextUtils.get.reversed - Reverses a string. Unicode aware.

.is - Returns true if the given string is a hex code, such as #FFF or #FA5732.

.strip - Remove UTF8 Byte Order Marks from a string.
cleanTextUtils.strip.emoji - Remove emojii from a string.
cleanTextUtils.strip.extraSpace - Remove any extra padding from a string.
cleanTextUtils.strip.gutenberg - Remove Project Gutenberg header/footer watermarks for further processing.
cleanTextUtils.strip.newlines - Removes newline characters from a string.
cleanTextUtils.strip.nonASCII - Remove non-ASCII characters from a string.
cleanTextUtils.strip.punctuation - Removes common punctuation characters from a string.
cleanTextUtils.strip.whitespace - Removes ALL whitespace characters from a string.


cleanTextUtils.replace.diacritics - Replace diacritics with their sensible alternatives
cleanTextUtils.replace.exoticChars - Replace diacritics, remove UTF8 BOM, and replace smart characters from a string.
cleanTextUtils.replace.smartChars - Replace smart characters.


TypeScript definitions are automatically installed.
import * as cleanTextUtils from 'clean-text-utils' to use built in types. :)