Sleep for specified time in Windows Command prompt.

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Sleep for specified time in Windows Command prompt.
šŸ–„ļø Command prompt, šŸ“œ Files.
sleep is a command in Unix-like operating systems that suspends program execution for specified time. This package provides the sleep command for Windows Command prompt, with exactly the same behaviour as in Unix-like systems. Please check examples below. Source code for the executable is written in C#. It should be noted small delays (few milliseconds) are less accurate.
Stability: Stable.

# Install on Windows
$ npm install -g sleep.cmd

$ sleep <number>[unit] | [option]
# Units:
# s: sleep for number seconds.
# m: sleep for number minutes.
# h: sleep for number hours.
# d: sleep for number days.
# Options:
# --help: get help
# --version: get version details

# sleep for 0.1 seconds
$ sleep 0.1

# sleep for 1.23 minutes
$ sleep 1.23m

# sleep for 1 day 23 hours
$ sleep 1d && sleep 23h