Generate dot files for GraphViz from an AWS CloudFormation template.

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CloudFormation Graph
This project was adapted from CFVIZ. Serverless Graph outputs your serverless architecture and resources as a Graphviz dot compatible output. Currently only supports the AWS provider.

Example Output

Example Generated Graph


Sometimes this is the fastest way to just visualize everything going on, it can also be extremely helpful in debugging circular dependency issues in CloudFormation templates.

Get Started

  • npm install --save cloudformation-graph
  • Install graphviz
Homebrew - brew install graphviz


If you have any commandline params that don't have defaults you will have to pass in any opt variables as this plugin hooks into the package step and then reads the output.
  • cfn-graph {--opts} > graph.out
  • Output SVG
cat graph.out | dot -Tsvg -oexample.svg
  • Output PNG
cat graph.out | dot -Tpng -oexample.png

Options (--help)

CloudFormation Graph
Usage Examples:

cfn-grah path-to-file.json [--horizontal|-h] [--edgelabels|-e]
cfn-graph 'VALID_JSON_TEMPALTE' [--horizontal|-h] [--edgelabels|-e]

# IT IS A KNOWN PROBLEM THAT !Sub or !Ref syntax is not supported
cfn-grah path-to-file.yaml     (expiremental) [--horizontal|-h] [--edgelabels|-e]
cfn-graph 'VALID_YML_TEMPLATE' (expiremental) [--horizontal|-h] [--edgelabels|-e]

cat template.json | cfg [--horizontal|-h] [--edgelabels|-e]
Using the Serverless Framework?
We already bundled this as a plugin for Serverless, checkout