A CLI for invalidating cloudfront distributions that's a bit easier to use than the official AWS CLI.

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A CLI for creating invalidations on CloudFront, that's a bit easier to use than the official AWS CLI.


```shell npm install cloudfront-invalidate-cli -g ```


```shell cf-invalidate --wait --config --accessKeyId --secretAccessKey -- ...
cf-invalidate -- ABCDEFGHIJK index.html cf-invalidate --wait -- ABCDEFGHIJK file1 file2 file3 ``` Use either config ini file or send access and secret keys. If you omit --config, --accessKeyId and --secretAccessKey, it'll use the default method of finding credentials (Environment, INI File, EC2 Metadata Service), which is documented here: If you use the --wait option, the command will not exit until the invalidation is complete. It does this by polling GetInvalidation after min(60000, 1000ms 2^iterationCycle) (e.g. it increases the timeout between polls exponentially). If you use --config, set path to .ini file in format: ``` default accesskey = secretkey = ``` This tool needs permission for cloudfront:CreateInvalidation and cloudfront:GetInvalidation. If there is an error, it exit(1)s, and prints the error message to stderr. It's not intended to be used programmatically, but if you want: ```shell require("node-cloudfront-invalidate-cli")("ABCDEFGHIJK", "file1", "file2", "file3", {wait: true}, function (err) {
console.log(err || "Success");
}); ```