Sets up a cloudfront distribution with custom TLS certificates

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Easily set up a Amazon Cloudfront Distribution for your project, optionally with your custom TLS certificates.
Your AWS credentials should either be in ~/.aws/credentials or in the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.


cloudfront-tls is a node.js program/module.
npm install -g cloudfront-tls

Usage (CLI)

$ cloudfront-tls -h

  Usage: cloudfront-tls [options] origin


    -h, --help                               output usage information
    -V, --version                            output the version number
    -a, --aliases <aliases,...>              CNAMES for your distribution.
    --cert-id <IAM ServerCertId>             The ID of your cert in IAM.
    -c, --cert <cert>                        Path to the public key certificate.
    -k, --key <key>                          Path to the private key.
    -n, --cert-name <certificate name>       A unique name for the server certificate.
    -i, --intermediate <intermediate certs>  Path to the concatenated intermediate certificates.

All the options are optional ;-). When using --cert-id you don't need to provide cert, key and intermediate. If you don't already have your certificate in IAM, provide at least cert, key and 'cert-name' so it can be uploaded to IAM for you.
cloudfront-tls -a creates a distribution for the specified origin and sets up the alias You can then set up a CNAME record for pointing to the returned cloudfront hostname.

Usage (API)

var cloudfront = require('cloudfront-tls')

  origin: '', // required
  aliases: [''], // optional aliases
  certId: 'foobar', // If you already have your cert in IAM, provide its id here

  // otherwise provide at least cert, certName and key if you want to use your own certificate
  cert: 'foo.crt', // Path to the public key certificate
  key: 'foo.key', // Path to the private key
  certName: 'my-cert', // A unique name for the server certificate
  intermediate: 'chain.crt', // Path to the concatenated intermediate certificates (optional)
}, function(err, distribution) {
  if (err) throw err


Feel free to open issues and submit pull requests.