A tiny library to generate cloudinary URLs from options objects

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Cloudinary MicroURL

🗜 Cloudinary Micro URLnpm travis
A tiny (346B), 0 dependency, fully-tested library to generate Cloudinary URLs from an options object.
The official Cloudinary js library is ~600kb. This saves you 1700%. If this were a crypto coin, you wouldn't be here, would you?


yarn add cloudinary-microurl

npm install cloudinary-microurl


const cloudinaryUrl = require('cloudinary-microurl')
const url = cloudinaryUrl('twitter.jpg', {
  secure: true,
  cloud_name: 'demo',
  gravity: 'face',
  flags: 'progressive',
  quality: 80

const img = new Image();
img.src = url

Supported Features

This library supports the following Cloudinary features:
  • Fetch format
  • Crop
  • Effect
  • Flags
  • Gravity
  • Height
  • Radius
  • Quality
  • Width
  • Dpr

Here's what they look like in code:
fetch_format: "f",
crop: "c",
effect: "e",
flags: "fl",
gravity: "g",
height: "h",
radius: "r",
quality: "q",
width: "w",
dpr: "dpr"

Fetch mode

Set {source: 'fetch'} to activate cloundinary fetch mode. You need to enable it in the security options. The image name should be a full URL.


If there's an effect thats missing, create an Issue or an PR. It's SUPER EASY!

Thanks to the original author

This library was originally created by josephg