CNN Logger

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CNN Logger
Replaces console.log() with log.[log-level]() and sends logs to
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Read these "requirements" as "only tested with".


This is intended to be used as a dependency in a larger application. Refer to the example.js that you can run with $ node example/example.js.

ESDoc Documentation

You can generate and view the docs locally with the commands below. The open command will only work on macOS.
$ npm run generate-docs
$ open docs/index.html

NPM scripts

  • generate-authors - Generates
  • generate-changelog - Generates output to put in
  • generate-docs - Generates ESDoc documentation in /docs.
  • test - Runs all tests.
  • update-apply - Updates package.json with dependency updates.
  • update-check - Outputs if any dependency updates are needed.

Developer notes

  • Always develop on the node version specified in the .nvmrc file.
If nvm is used typing nvm install in the terminal will insure the correct version is used.

  • The current Project Owner (PO) of this project is Jamie Young (@jamsyoung).

Environment variables

  • LOGZIOTOKEN - REQUIRED - The token to authenticate to the
account that the logs should be sent to.


See for details.