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Fork of tabnine-vscode
This is the coc.nvim client for Tabnine, the all-language autocompleter.
  • Indexes your whole project, reading your .gitignore to determine which files to index.
  • Type long variable names in just a few keystrokes using the mnemonic completion engine.
  • Zero configuration. Tabnine works out of the box.
  • Highly responsive: typically produces a list of suggestions in less than 10 milliseconds.


In your vim/neovim, run command:
:CocInstall coc-tabnine


Run :CocCommand to open commands list.
  • tabnine.openConfig: open config file of Tabnine.

  • tabnine.openHub: open Tabnine hub.

Note: to make coc.nvim works better with Tabnine, add "ignore_all_lsp": true to config file of Tabnine.


Use command :CocConfig to open user configuration file of coc.nvim.
| Option | Description | Default value | | ---------------------------- | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | :-----------: | | tabnine.shortcut | Shortcut for Tabnine source. | "TN" | | tabnine.triggers | Trigger characters of Tabnine source. | [] | | tabnine.priority | Priority of Tabnine source | 999 | | tabnine.binary_path | Use binary at specific path. | "" | | tabnine.disable_filetypes | Disable Tabnine for configured filetypes. | [] | | tabnine.disable_file_regex | Disable Tabnine when the file path contains a match of any of the provided regexes. For example, add "[.]js\$" to disable Tabnine in JavaScript files. | [] | | tabnine.disable_line_regex | Disable Tabnine when the current line contains a match of any of the provided regexes. For example, add "require" to disable Tabnine when the current line contains the word require. | [] |

Magic Strings

Configure Tabnine itself by inputting a special_commands string\_ like Tabnine::config or Tabnine::restart in any buffer and trigger autocomplete. A full list of available special_commands is available here:


This library does not configure Tabnine's Pro API key, if you've purchased a subscription license. To configure, you'll need to use the Tabnine::config magic string to update your preferences.
Note: An API key is not required to use coc-tabnine.