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Codename generator
Generates codenames. What for, you ask?


$ npm install -g codename


From node,
var codename = require('codename')();

var filters = ['alliterative', 'random'],
    lists = ['crayons', 'adjectives', 'cities', 'animals'],
    myName = codename.generate(filters, lists);


codename.generate takes two options: filters and lists.
filters (Array[String|Function]) - describes a set of filters
that should be used to reduce each list to a single word
lists - (Array[String|Array]) - the names or contents of the lists
to use for selecting names

From the CLI,

All arguments are forwarded from comma-delimited strings:
$ codename \
  --lists=crayons,adjectives,cities,animals \

Writing Filters

Each filter takes a memo listing any other words selected followed by the list of words the filter should be applied to. For instance, a filter to limit results to words containing the letter j:
var letterJFilter = function (memo, words) {
  return words.filter(function (w) {
    return w.toLowerCase().indexOf('j') > -1;
Alternatively, a filter may return a single word that should be added to the name. These filters are output filters, and they should only be used at the end of a filter list.
Filters may be contributed to src/filters or supplied as function arguments to codename.generate.

Word Lists

Adjectives from Animals from Cities from Crayons from


word lists (c) their respective authors codename released under the WTFPL