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This tool is no longer maintained. If you need to transition your codebase from it, a codemod is available to do so: cjsx-codemod
This project started as a way for me to explore how JSX could fit into Coffeescript syntax, as a quickly hacked together prototype. While I never really promoted it, it quickly took on a life of its own, and before long people were asking for it to support all kinds of different use cases. On top of that I had no experience writing parsers, so the result is something with insurmountable limitations.
As I eventually stopped using Coffeescript I ended up neglecting this project, but as people were using it I didn't want to kill it. I really should have, however, because it meant that people were using a crappy, ill-conceived, unmaintained tool. Now, long overdue, I'm putting it out to pasture.
Original readme follows:
browserify v2 plugin for compiling coffee-react-transform CJSX markup in Coffeescript.
given some files written in a mix of coffee and cjsx:
require './rad-component.cjsx'

React.renderComponent RadComponent({rad:"mos def"}),

# @cjsx React.DOM 

React = require('react')

RadComponent = React.createClass
  render: ->
    <div className="rad-component">
      <p>is this component rad? {@props.rad}</p>

install coffee-reactify:
$ npm install -g coffee-reactify

version compatibility:
  • 2.1.x - React 0.12.1
  • 2.x - React 0.12
  • 1.x - React 0.11.2
  • 0.x - React 0.11 and below

when you compile your app, pass -t coffee-reactify to browserify:
$ browserify -t coffee-reactify > bundle.js

you can omit the .coffee or .cjsx extension from your requires if you add the extension to browserify's module extensions:
require './component'

$ browserify -t coffee-reactify --extension=".cjsx" --extension=".coffee" > bundle.js

providing the transform option coffeeout: true will passthrough the transformed output of .coffee files with the @cjsx pragma without compiling them to javascript. this means you can use a different coffee compiler transform such as icsify or coffeeify in conjunction with this transform.
note: at this stage, .cjsx files will still be compiled even with --coffeeout. this is a workaround for the fact that other transform modules like coffeeify will ignore .cjsx files due to the different file extension.
$ browserify -t [ coffee-reactify --coffeeout ] -t coffeeify > bundle.js
With npm do:
npm install coffee-reactify