To validate crypto currency's wallet address

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Coin Address Validator
To validate crypto currency's wallet address on Node.js and Browser even React Native. And It has no dependencies with Node.js core modules.

This project was created with reference to wallet-address-validator.

How to use

import coinAddressValidator from 'coin-address-validator';

const isBtcAddress  = coinAddressValidator.validate('1Gz3SRHzmzV8NwhUe5LQkTy5ysH1aqevAP', 'btc', 'prod');
const isEthAddress = coinAddressValidator.validate('0x9e093a64da766c6f1400158db028cc9946b8ae1f', 'eth', 'prod');
const isXrpAddress = coinAddressValidator.validate('rh5yrZSwXTAXdiHyc7xiyZ95FdjsfYWmSY', 'xrp', 'prod');
const isLtcAddress = coinAddressValidator.validate('LRitYWYuMvnJyrms4jVTiAj5rcTVomHvPx', 'ltc', 'prod');


validate(address, , currency = 'bitcoin', networkType = 'prod')
type of return value is boolean. (true or false)
  • address : Wallet address to validate
  • currency : Optional. Currency name or symbol
  • networkType: Optional. Use prod to enforce standard address. or Use testnet to enforce testnet address. Use both for both of them)

type of return value is string (if valid base58 addrses) or null
  • address: Wallet address

Supported Currencies

  • Auroracoin/AUR, 'auroracoin' or 'AUR'
  • BeaverCoin/BVC, 'beavercoin' or 'BVC'
  • Biocoin/BIO, 'biocoin' or 'BIO'
  • Bitcoin/BTC, 'bitcoin' or 'BTC'
  • BitcoinCash/BCH, 'bitcoincash' or 'BCH'
  • BitcoinGold/BTG, 'bitcoingold' or 'BTG'
  • BitcoinPrivate/BTCP, 'bitcoinprivate' or 'BTCP'
  • BitcoinZ/BTCZ, 'bitcoinz' or 'BTCZ'
  • Callisto/CLO, 'callisto' or 'CLO'
  • Dash, 'dash' or 'DASH'
  • Decred/DCR, 'decred' or 'DCR'
  • Digibyte/DGB, 'digibyte' or 'DGB'
  • Dogecoin/DOGE, 'dogecoin' or 'DOGE'
  • Ethereum/ETH, 'ethereum' or 'ETH'
  • EthereumClassic/ETH, 'ethereumclassic' or 'ETC'
  • EthereumZero/ETZ, 'etherzero' or 'ETZ'
  • Freicoin/FRC, 'freicoin' or 'FRC'
  • Garlicoin/GRLC, 'garlicoin' or 'GRLC'
  • Hush/HUSH, 'hush' or 'HUSH'
  • Komodo/KMD, 'komodo' or 'KMD'
  • Litecoin/LTC, 'litecoin' or 'LTC'
  • Megacoin/MEC, 'megacoin' or 'MEC'
  • Monero/XMR, 'monero' or 'XMR'
  • Namecoin/NMC, 'namecoin' or 'NMC'
  • NEO/NEO, 'NEO' or 'NEO'
  • NeoGas/GAS, 'neogas' or 'GAS'
  • Peercoin/PPCoin/PPC, 'peercoin' or 'PPC'
  • Primecoin/XPM, 'primecoin' or 'XPM'
  • Protoshares/PTS, 'protoshares' or 'PTS'
  • Qtum/QTUM, 'qtum' or 'QTUM'
  • Ripple/XRP, 'ripple' or 'XRP'
  • Snowgem/SNG, 'snowgem' or 'SNG'
  • Vertcoin/VTC, 'vertcoin' or 'VTC'
  • Votecoin/VTC, 'votecoin' or 'VOT'
  • Zcash/ZEC, 'zcash' or 'ZEC'
  • Zclassic/ZCL, 'zclassic' or 'ZCL'
  • ZenCash/ZEN, 'zencash' or 'ZEN'