Collect mentions from a given text string, using battle-tested `mentions-regex` package

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Collect mentions from a given text string, using battle-tested mentions-regex package

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This project requires Node.js ^6.9.0 || ^8.9.0 || ^10.6.0. Install it using yarn or npm.
We highly recommend to use Yarn when you think to contribute to this project.
$ yarn add collect-mentions



Collect all mentions from string. Returns array of objects with properties { handle, mention, index }.

  • str {String}: string to collect mentions from
    dot {Boolean}: if it is true, it will support mentions including dot
    returns {Array}: array of objects

import collectMentions from 'collect-mentions';

const mentions = collectMentions('foo @tunnckoCore and yeah @bar, right?')

// => [
//   { handle: '@tunnckoCore', mention: 'tunnckoCore', index: 3 },
//   { handle: '@bar', mention: 'bar', index: 25 },
// ]

// If `dot` boolean is `true`
console.log(collectMentions('some yeah', true))
// => [{ handle: '', mention: '', index: 4 }]

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Please read the Contributing Guide
and Code of Conduct documents for advices.
For bugs reports and feature requests, please create an issueopen-issue-url or ping @tunnckoCore at Twitter.


Thanks to the hard work of these wonderful people this project is alive and it also follows the all-contributors specification.
Pull requests, stars and all kind of contributions are always welcome. :stars:


You can see who uses collect-mentions in the file. Please feel free adding this file if it not exists.
If you or your organization are using this project, consider adding yourself to the list of users.
Thank You! :heart:


Copyright (c) 2017-present, Charlike Mike Reagentauthor-link <>.
Released under the Apache-2.0 Licenselicense-url.
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