Library to calculate DeltaE (CIEDE2000) values between two colors

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colorLab is a Javascript Lib to calculate DeltaE (CIEDE2000) values between two colors.


npm install colorlab

DeltaE 2000 of two CIELAB colors

import colorlab from colorlab;

let color1 = new colorlab.CIELAB(50.0000, 2.6772, -79.7751);
let color2 = new colorlab.CIELAB(50.0000, 0.0000, -82.7485);

// CIEDE2000 tells you the DeltaE, or perceptible color
// difference, between CIELAB color1 and CIELAB color2

color1.CIEDE2000(color2); // => 2.0425
// or
colorlab.CIEDE2000(color1, color2); // => 2.0425


npm Scripts

  • npm test - Lint the library and tests, then run the unit tests
  • npm run lint - Lint the source and unit tests
  • npm run watch - Continuously run the unit tests as you make changes to the source
and test files themselves
  • npm run test-browser - Build the library for use with the browser spec runner.
Changes to the source will cause the runner to automatically refresh.
  • npm run build - Lint then build the library
  • npm run coverage - Generate a coverage report

Browser Tests

The browser spec runner can be opened in a browser to run your tests. For it to work, you must first run npm run test-browser. This will set up a watch task that will automatically refresh the tests when your scripts, or the tests, change. The spec runner file is located at test/runner.html: open it in your browser to run tests.


See AUTHORS.txt.


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