A cored, fixed, documented and optimized version of the popular `colors.js`: Get colors in your node.js console like what...

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colour.js - ANSI terminal colors =========== A cored, fixed, documented and optimized version of the popular colors.js. Can be used as a drop-in replacement, also works correctly in the browser, provides a CSS mode and has been compiled through Closure Compiler using advanced optimizations. Additionally, nearly every issue and pull request on the original has been incorporated. Installation ------------ npm install colour Usage ----- This package extends the global String prototype with additional getters that apply terminal colors to your texts. Available styles are:
  • Emphasis: bold, italic, underline, inverse
  • Colors: yellow, cyan, white, magenta, green, red, grey, blue
  • Sequencers: rainbow, zebra, random


```js var colour = require('colour'); console.log('hello'.green); // outputs green text console.log('i like cake and pies' // outputs red underlined text console.log('inverse the color'.inverse); // inverses the color console.log('OMG Rainbows!'.rainbow); // rainbow (ignores spaces) ```

Or: As a drop-in replacement for colors

```js var / just name it / colors = require('colour'); ... ``` Custom themes ------------- Its also possible to define your own themes by creating new getters on the String object. Example: ```js var colour = require('colour'); colour.setTheme({ silly: 'rainbow', input: 'grey', verbose: 'cyan', prompt: 'grey', info: 'green', data: 'grey', help: 'cyan', warn: 'yellow', 'underline', // Applies two styles at once debug: 'blue', error: 'red bold' // Again, two styles }); console.log("this is an error".error); // outputs bold red text console.log("this is a warning".warn); // outputs underlined yellow text console.log("this is green")); // Alternatively ``` Console, browser and browser-css mode ------------------------------------- ```js var colour = require('colour'); ... colour.mode = 'none'; // No colors at all colour.mode = 'console'; // Adds terminal colors (default on node.js) colour.mode = 'browser'; // Adds HTML colors (default in browsers) colour.mode = 'browser-css'; // Adds special CSS (see examples/example.css) ``` Uninstalling / reinstalling on the global scope ----------------------------------------------- If you have a reason to use a fresh String prototype in your application, you may also revert all extensions made. ```js var colour = require('colour'); ... colour.uninstall(); // Removes all custom properties from the String prototype ... colour.install(); // Re-installs them ... ``` More features -------------
  • node.js/CommonJS compatible
  • RequireJS/AMD compatible
  • Browser/shim compatible
  • Closure Compiler externs included
  • Zero dependencies
Credits ------- Based on work started by Marak (Marak Squires), cloudhead (Alexis Sellier), mmalecki (Maciej Małecki), nicoreed (Nico Reed), morganrallen (Morgan Allen), JustinCampbell (Justin Campbell) and ded (Dustin Diaz). License ------- The MIT-License (MIT)