Common middleware for applications built with base-methods (like assemble, verb, generate, and update)

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Common middleware for applications built with base-methods (like assemble, verb, generate, and update)


Install with npm:
$ npm install --save common-middleware


var middleware = require('common-middleware');
var assemble = require('assemble-core');

// create your app
var app = assemble();

// register the middleware


The following middleware are included.

front matter

Parses front-matter on files that match options.extRegex and adds the resulting data object to This object is passed as context to the template engine at render time.

unescape templates

Registers a .preWrite middleware for unescaping escaped delimiters.

escape templates

Uses C-style macros to escape templates with {%%= foo %} or <%= foo %> syntax, so they will not be evaluated by a template engine when .render is called.

JSON on-load

Adds a json property to the file object when the file extension matches options.jsonRegex. This allows JSON files to be updated by other middleware or pipeline plugins without having to parse and stringify with each modification.

JSON pre-write

If file.contents has not already been updated directly, the file.contents property is updated with stringified JSON before writing the file back to the file system.



Customize the regex used for matching JSON files.
app.use(middleware({jsonRegex: /\.json$/}));


Customize the regex used for matching template file extensions.
app.use(middleware({jsonRegex: /\.(hbs|tmpl)$/}));


Customize the regex used for matching the extensions of files with templates to escape.
app.use(middleware({jsonRegex: /\.(tmpl|hbs)$/}));


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Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Building docs

(This project's is generated by verb, please don't edit the readme directly. Any changes to the readme must be made in the readme template.)
To generate the readme, run the following command:
$ npm install -g verbose/verb#dev verb-generate-readme && verb

Running tests

Running and reviewing unit tests is a great way to get familiarized with a library and its API. You can install dependencies and run tests with the following command:
$ npm install && npm test


Jon Schlinkert


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. Released under the MIT License.

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