Translate $env format to %env% format if on windows for npm scripts

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For npm scripts, NPM supports env variables in the form $npmpackageconfigvar, for example. This can be used in npm run commands. However, this is platform specific. Windows uses %var% where \*nix uses $var. This tool can be run like:
compat "ncp $sourcePath $destPath"

so that, on windows platforms, the following command will be run:
ncp %sourcePath% %destPath%

It will also allow relative paths to be used in the command on windows (arguments will be left alone as they generally work with either forward or back slashes):
compat '../../nodemodules/.bin/browserify index.js -s JID -o bundle.js'

..\..\nodemodules\.bin\browserify index.js -s JID -o bundle.js