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Basic Usage

You may pass in an object, a filename, the string "ARGV", or the string "ENV".
Options passed in later will override attributes with the same name from previous options.
Arguments may be passed in any order.
var confrodo = require("confrodo")
  , config
  , filename = "myconfig.json"
  , defaults = { "foo":"bar", "meow":"mix" };

config = confrodo(defaults, filename, "ARGV", "ENV");

Files may either be a valid json file or a javascript file that returns a json object in modules.exports.
Objects are json objects (not arrays).
"ARGV" will load any command line options (see optimist.)
"ENV" will load environment variables.
Confrodo also has an env property you can use to choose a file:
var confrodo = require("confrodo")
  , filename = __dirname + "/" + confrodo.env + ".json"
  , config = confrodo(filename);

confrodo.env will be "local", unless the NODE_ENV environment variable is set, or env is passed as a command line argument.
See LICENSE for copyright info.