Simple date formatter for logging purposes

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It's a simple date formatter for Node.js. Perfect for logging.
There's one function and one String property included.
Timestamp function
``timestamp([format, time]);``
Both arguments are optional. You can call it with a string which becomes the format (defaults to ``hh:mm:ss``), while the second argument can be a number or a Date object to print (becomes current time by default). It replaces specific parts of format string:
  • ``YYYY`` with 4-digit Year
  • ``YY`` with 2-digit Year
  • ``MM`` with Month
  • ``DD`` with Day
  • ``hh`` with Hours
  • ``mm`` with Minutes
  • ``ss`` with Seconds
  • ``iii`` with Miliseconds

String getter
Now, you can use a new String getter ``'hh:mm:ss'.timestamp`` which will replace placeholders in the string. You can't specify a date then. The values are automatically set to current time. It's just a shortcut for the regular function.
var timestamp = require('console-timestamp');

var now = new Date();
var number = 478921;

console.log('hh:mm:ss'.timestamp); //13:58:29
console.log('DD-MM-YY hh:mm'.timestamp); //28-03-14 14:43
console.log(timestamp()); //15:43:20
console.log(timestamp('DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm:ss:iii')); //04-07-2014 14:32:45:891
console.log(timestamp('[SERVER TIME hh:mm]')); //[SERVER TIME 14:23]
console.log(timestamp(null, number)); //01:07:58
console.log(timestamp('MM-DD hh:mm', now)); //11-27 12:43

Licensed under MIT license. Copyright (c) 2014 Adam Paszke