Checks whether the input string contains any Chinese text (at least one character). Works with Traditional and Simplified. Unlike the is-chinese package, returns `true` even if the string contains mixed Chinese and non-Chinese characters.

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Check whether a string contains any Chinese text ===================

Short sample ###

```js const containsChinese = require('contains-chinese'); let t = containsChinese('香港 is cool'); // true let f = containsChinese('홍콩'); // false - not Chinese ```

What's it for? ###

This package provides a way to check whether a string contains any Chinese text. The function will return true if there is at least one Chinese character in the string.

Difference from is-chinese ###

Another package called is-chinese will return false if the string contains at least one non-Chinese character, for example Welcome to 香港 will result in false. In contrast, this package will return true for such text containing mixed Chinese and non-Chinese text.

Methods and Static Members ###

  • containsChinese - returns true if the string has any Chinese characters.
  • containsChinese.HAN_REGEX - contains the regex used for this check.

Comments and suggestions ###

If you have any comments, contact me here: