Automatically add and remove chunks from continuous ndarrays as required.

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continuous-observer #
Take a continuous ndarray and, given a set of "observable" positions, automatically add and remove chunks as required.
Use this for painless chunk management with one or more visible perspectives.

Installation ##

npm install continuous-observer

Usage ##

observe = require('continuous-observer')(field[, range[, linger]]) ###

Returns a function that can be used to update the chunks in use, given a continuous ndarray (field). Optionally:
  • range is the amount of surrounding chunks to include. Defaults to 1.
  • linger is the amount of surrounding chunks to not remove when cleaning up.
Defaults to range, and cannot be set to below range.

observe(points) ###

points is an array of arrays, with each array representing an observer's position. Can also handle a single array as well, if you're only using one observer.
// Create a continuous ndarray with 32x32 chunks
var field = require('ndarray-continuous')({ shape: [32, 32] })
// Create the observer
var moveTo = require('continuous-observer')(field, 1, 2)

// "Move" the observer to the origin
moveTo([0, 0])

// Ahead one chunk
moveTo([32, 32])

// Ahead another chunk - this will remove
// some of the older chunks.
moveTo([32, 32])

// Including another observer just involves
// adding another position to the array.
moveTo([[32, 32], [0, 0]])