Convert word contractions such as I'm to I am and don't to do not.

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Convert English contractions to complete words.
Uses the word list from

````bash npm install contractions ````

````javascript var contractions = require('contractions');
console.log(contractions.expand("I don't know who ya'll are.")); // Outputs: I do not know who you all are.
console.log(contractions.contract("You all will have not seen this.")); // Outputs: Y'all'll'ven't seen this. ````

You can also use your own list of contractions / strings.
Note: Longer strings take precedent over short strings.
````javascript var Contractions = require('contractions').Contractions;
var contractions = new Contractions({
'asap': 'as soon as possible', // only lower case characters should be used in the list
'a.s.a.p.': 'as soon as possible'
var text = 'asap';
text = contractions.expand(text); console.log(text); // Outputs: as soon as possible
text = contractions.contract(text); console.log(text); // Outputs: a.s.a.p. ````