a customer control center web app

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a generic control center web app aka "web admin", "dashboard", "panel"…
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Bootstrap theme

This branch uses the gentelellagentelella Bootstrap theme by Colorlibcolorlib.


If you plan to contribute with code patches, below are some instructions on how to setup a dev environment in your machine.

Dependencies install

Controltower is a javascript software and use npm as package manager, you will need to have node.js installed. To get the dependencies use:
npm install

Controltower backend

Controltower expect some services to be up and use them as the backend, so you will have to:
  1. configure a facebook app for the customer authentication / login to work,
write down your App Id to use on your config.js file
  1. configure and launch a controltower-apicontroltower-api server to be
used as the backend
  1. if you plan to use sagesage features, configure and launch a sage server
to be used as the sage api backend

Generate the config.js file

There is a small shell script that can generate simple controltower config files by replacing the placeholders on the config-sample.js file with their respective env vars of your machine, if you want to use it you can run:
npm run create:config
to create, or:
npm run create:config -- replace
to replace.

Launch the webserver

npm start

And access it on ``http://localhost:9966``