PhoneGap / Cordova waiting dialog (progress indicator) plugin with spinner for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. Maintained from original Paldom/SpinnerDialog repository.

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PhoneGap waiting dialog / progress dialog plugin with spinner for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.


Latest stable release: ``phonegap local plugin add cordova-plugin-spinner-dialog``
or ``cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-spinner-dialog``
Current state from git: ``phonegap local plugin add``
or ``cordova plugin add``

Installation - PhoneGap Build

Add following to config.xml: ``<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-spinnerdialog" source="npm" />``
For older versions, use the following: ``<gap:plugin name="hu.dpal.phonegap.plugins.spinnerdialog" />` or `<gap:plugin name="hu.dpal.phonegap.plugins.spinnerdialog" source="" />``


  • window.plugins.spinnerDialog.hide[title], [message], [cancelCallback])
  • title: Spinner title (Android only). Optional. (String)
  • message: Spinner message. Optional. (String)
  • cancelCallback: Callback to invoke when spinner cancel event fired (tap or Android hardware back button event). If set, spinner dialog will be fixed, you should explicitly call window.plugins.spinnerDialog.hide. Due to legacy reasons you can provide boolean value (true/false) to set spinner not cancelable. Optional, defaults to false. (Function/Boolean)

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone 8


// Show spinner dialog;

// Show spinner dialog with message 
// Note: spinner dialog is cancelable by default, "message");

// Set spinner dialog fixed, null, true);

// Set spinner dialog fixed with callback
// Note: callback fires on tap events and Android hardware back button click event, null, function () {console.log("callback");});

// Show spinner dialog with title and message (Android only)"title","message");

// Set spinner dialog fixed (cannot be canceled with screen touch or Android hardware button)"title","message", true);

// Hide spinner dialog
Note: on Android platform, multiple show calls builds up a stack (LIFO) which means hide will dismiss the last spinner added with show call.