List of codes per country (languages, calling codes, currency codes, etc)

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Module with list of codes per country, which includes:
  • Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2): Obtained from Wikipedia
  • Country Name: Each name in english and in the local country language
  • Currency Code (ISO 4217): Obtained from Wikipedia
  • Currency Name (ISO 4217): Obtained from Wikipedia
  • TIN Code (Taxpayer Identification Number, also known as VAT in some countries): Obtained from Wikipedia
  • TIN Name: Obtained from Wikipedia
  • Official language code (usually from ISO 639-1, or ISO 639-3 otherwise)): Obtained from Open Street Map. Returns only the first official language code per country
  • Official language name: Each name in english and in the local country language
  • Country Calling Code: The phone calling code for the country. Obtained from Wikipedia.
  • Region: The Regional Classifications are from the International Telecommunications Union. Seen here

Install the NPM module

npm install --save country-codes-list


customList method:

Just import the module and call the customList method. The first parameter must be the key you want for your object, and the second parameter must be a string with placeholders written as you need. The placeholders are defined between brackets ({placeholder}).
The possible values for the object key and the placeholders are:
  • countryNameEn
  • countryNameLocal
  • countryCode
  • currencyCode
  • currencyNameEn
  • tinType
  • tinName
  • officialLanguageCode
  • officialLanguageNameEn
  • officialLanguageNameLocal
  • countryCallingCode
  • region
  • globalSouth


const countryCodes = require('country-codes-list')

const myCountryCodesObject = countryCodes.customList('countryCode', '[{countryCode}] {countryNameEn}: +{countryCallingCode}')

This will return an object like this one:
    'AD': '[AD] Andorra: +376',
    'AE': '[AE] United Arab Emirates: +971',
    'AF': '[AF] Afghanistan: +93',
    'AG': '[AG] Antigua and Barbuda: +1',
    'AI': '[AI] Anguilla: +1',
    'AL': '[AL] Albania: +355',
    'AM': '[AM] Armenia: +374',
    'AO': '[AO] Angola: +244',
    'AQ': '[AQ] Antarctica: +',
    'AR': '[AR] Argentina: +54',
    'AS': '[AS] American Samoa: +1',
    'AT': '[AT] Austria: +43',
    'AU': '[AU] Australia: +61',
    'AW': '[AW] Aruba: +297',