Library to parse TypeScript config info from a Visual Studio Project file

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# csproj2ts Queries a Visual Studio project file (.csproj, .vbproj, .njsproj, etc.) for TypeScript configuration information. Will also find default config in a Microsoft.TypeScript.Default.props file, if referenced by the project. Visual Studio TypeScript settings are documented on the TypeScript wiki here. Tested with latest project configuration settings in TypeScript 2.7.


To install, run npm install csproj2ts. This module only collects the information. What you do with it after is up to you.

Example Usage:

var csproj2ts = require('csproj2ts');
var vsProjInfo = {
ProjectFileName: "path/to/my/project.csproj", // the name and path to the project file
ActiveConfiguration: "Release"                // the MSBuild config to query
csproj2ts.getTypeScriptSettings(vsProjInfo).then(function (settings) {
console.log(settings.files);          // will output the array of files
console.log(settings.RemoveComments); // will output true or false.
console.log(settings.OutDir);         // will output the OutDir string or undefined.
console.log(settings);                // will output all identified configuration.


You must run npm install to fetch dependencies prior to developing or testing csproj2ts. To build, run grunt. To build and run tests with nodeunit, run grunt test. To build, run tests, and launch the demo script, run grunt demo. (You can also run node demo.js directly (assumes csproj2ts.csproj in current folder).)


Ensure grunt test comes back clean. Update the package.json with the new version number. Merge work to master on GitHub. Run npm publish.

Quickstart for debugging with Node Inspector

Install Node Inspector via npm: npm install -g node-inspector Example command-line to debug a particular test ("testrunatall") on Windows: node-debug --debug-brk "./node_modules/grunt-contrib-nodeunit/node_modules/nodeunit/bin/nodeunit" "tests/tests.js" -t "tests_run_at_all" Set breakpoints in the Chrome dev tools, or use debugger; where needed.


The main function of csproj2ts, getTypeScriptSettings(), returns a promise. In the then() result of the promise, the returned settings object has the following documented properties: files: string
- This is an array of the files that will be compiled. VSProjectDetails - This object has the following properties which correspond to what was passed-in to csproj2ts (not what was found in the project file):
* ProjectFileName: string
* MSBuildExtensionsPath32: string
* VisualStudioVersion: string
* TypeScriptVersion: string
* ActiveConfiguration: string
* ActivePlatform: string
* DefaultProjectConfiguration?: string;
* DefaultProjectPlatform?: string;
* DefaultVisualStudioVersion?: string;
* TypeScriptDefaultPropsFilePath: string;
* TypeScriptDefaultConfiguration: - this property has the settings (seen below) that correspond to the defaults on the referenced .props file.
The returned settings object also has the following properties that correspond to the TypeScript configuration settings found in the project file:
AdditionalFlags?: string; AllowJS?: boolean; AllowSyntheticDefaultImports?: boolean; AllowUnusedLabels?: boolean; AllowUnreachableCode?: boolean; AlwaysStrict?: boolean; Charset?: string; CheckJs?: boolean; CodePage?: string; CompileBlocked?: boolean; CompileOnSaveEnabled?: boolean; DownlevelIteration?: boolean; EmitBOM?: boolean; EmitDecoratorMetadata?: boolean; ExperimentalAsyncFunctions?: boolean; ExperimentalDecorators?: boolean; ForceConsistentCasingInFileNames?: boolean; GeneratesDeclarations?: boolean; ImportHelpers?: boolean; InlineSourceMap?: boolean; InlineSources?: boolean; IsolatedModules?: boolean; JSXEmit?: string; JSXFactory?: string; Lib?: string; MapRoot?: string; ModuleKind?: string; ModuleResolution?: string; NewLine?: string; NoEmitOnError?: boolean; NoEmitHelpers?: boolean; NoFallthroughCasesInSwitch?: boolean; NoImplicitAny?: boolean; NoImplicitUseStrict?: boolean; NoLib?: boolean; NoResolve?: boolean; NoStrictGenericChecks?: boolean; OutFile?: string; OutDir?: string; PreserveConstEnums?: boolean; PreserveSymlinks?: boolean; PreferredUILang?: string; ReactNamespace?: string; RemoveComments?: boolean; RootDir?: boolean; SkipDefaultLibCheck?: boolean; SourceMap?: boolean; SourceRoot?: string; SuppressImplicitAnyIndexErrors?: boolean; SuppressExcessPropertyErrors?: boolean; Target?: string;