Looks for `url(...)` definitions in CSS and rewrites them

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Simple function that looks for url(...) definitions in a string of CSS and runs them through your own rewriter function.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install css-url-rewriter
var rewriteCSSURLs = require('css-url-rewriter');

// example - add a query string to all URLs
var newCSS = rewriteCSSURLs(someCSS, function (url) {
  return url + '?12345';

It will process all URLs it encounters by default, even data: URIs, so you need to check for those manually if you want to handle them differently. The only exception is URLs in 'excluded properties' (see settings).


You can optionally pass in a settings object as a second argument:
var newCSS = rewriteCSSURLs(someCSS, settings, function (url) {
  return url + '?12345';

Currently there is only one configurable setting, excludedProperties, which is an array of properties that you want to skip. This setting defaults to ['behavior', '*behavior'] (because you usually don't want to mess with URLs in this proprietary MSIE property, because it has weird relativity rules).


Copyright (c) 2014 Callum Locke. Licensed under the MIT license.