A work in progress CSS grammar parser & code generator.

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A work in progress CSS grammar parser & code generator.

This project is in very early alpha stages. At present, around half of the existing CSS specification is covered in a very limited capacity. Please feel free to improve the functionality of this module, and test it out, but don't yet rely on it in production!
The eventual aim of this project is to generate whole modules that can consume CSS property/value pairs and validate them based on the actual CSS specification. This is useful because it brings what is traditionally hidden away in online documentation to automated tools such as linters. Indeed, with this data we can cover all of these use cases (and others):
  • Remove invalid declarations which would be dropped by the browser.
  • Lint properties to ensure correct syntax was being used.
  • Enable text editor autocomplete for CSS values.
  • Compute the Levenshtein distance between valid/invalid property values
(did you mean yellow? you entered yrllow).
  • Automatically generate a skeleton W3C specification document based on grammar.

css-values uses specification data gathered from Mozilla, with some overrides that make it easier for the parser to operate smoothly. In addition, css-values uses Autoprefixer
to supplement values from the spec with proprietary browser syntax. This is to ensure that tools generated with css-values can let these values pass through as valid, even though they are not to specification.
css-values is parser agnostic which means that it doesn't matter what parser you use for the output module. In practice though, you should be using PostCSS.
Currently, there is no exposed API for templating a project - you will have to change the templates in the run.js file. This is because we would like to cover 100% of CSS properties, i.e. the primary functionality, first and then complete any auxiliary functionality afterwards.


With npm do:
npm install css-values --save-dev


Pull requests are welcome. If you add functionality, then please add unit tests to cover it.


Template:CSSData by Mozilla Contributors is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.
MIT © Ben Briggs