Converts CSV to JSON. Powers the most used online tool CSVJSON https://www.csvjson.com/csv2json. Used by thousands everyday.

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CSVJSON csv2json() function =========================== Single function csv2json to reliably convert CSV to JSON. Self contained without dependencies. Used to power CSVJSON the online tool found at www.csvjson.com/csv2json. Used by thousands everyday. npm package here
Simply call csv2json passing a string to obtain JSON. The string may be CSV (comma separated values), TSV (tab separated values) or semi-colon separated values (typically used in French Excel). It will auto-detect the separator although you may override or force it via the separator option.

Node example

``` const csv2json = require('./csv2json.js'); const csv = `album, year, USpeakchartpost The White Stripes, 1999, - De Stijl, 2000, - White Blood Cells, 2001, 61 Elephant, 2003, 6 Get Behind Me Satan, 2005, 3 Icky Thump, 2007, 2 Under Great White Northern Lights, 2010, 11 Live in Mississippi, 2011, - Live at the Gold Dollar, 2012, - Nine Miles from the White City, 2013, -`; const json = csv2json(csv, {parseNumbers: true}); console.log(json); ```

Browser example

Note: In the browser, global namespace CSVJSON is created. It contains the csv2json function. ``` ``` In both cases, you would get this in the console: ``` {
"album": "The White Stripes",
"year": 1999,
"US_peak_chart_post": "-"
}, {
"album": "De Stijl",
"year": 2000,
"US_peak_chart_post": "-"
}, {
"album": "White Blood Cells",
"year": 2001,
"US_peak_chart_post": 61
}, {
"album": "Elephant",
"year": 2003,
"US_peak_chart_post": 6
}, {
"album": "Get Behind Me Satan",
"year": 2005,
"US_peak_chart_post": 3
}, {
"album": "Icky Thump",
"year": 2007,
"US_peak_chart_post": 2
}, {
"album": "Under Great White Northern Lights",
"year": 2010,
"US_peak_chart_post": 11
}, {
"album": "Live in Mississippi",
"year": 2011,
"US_peak_chart_post": "-"
}, {
"album": "Live at the Gold Dollar",
"year": 2012,
"US_peak_chart_post": "-"
}, {
"album": "Nine Miles from the White City",
"year": 2013,
"US_peak_chart_post": "-"


csv2json supports a number of options passed as an optional hash:
  • separator: Character which acts as separator. If omitted, will attempt to detect comma ,, semi-colon ; or tab \t.
  • parseNumbers: If set to true will attempt to convert a value to a number, if possible.
  • parseJSON: If set to true will attempt to convert a value to a valid JSON value if possible. Detects numbers, null, false, true, [] and {}.
  • transpose: If set to true will pivot the table. The first column becomes the header.
  • hash: If set to true will use the first column as a key and return a hash instead of an array of objects.
You can of course test all of these options online on www.csvjson.com/csv2json.


Run the tests in your browser by opening test-browser.html. Run the tests through node: ``` node test-node.js ```
Companion functions
json2csv to convert JSON to CSV. npm package here. jsonbeautifier to beautify and format your JSON. npm package here. JSON2mod a replacement of JSON with more options to format your JSON. npm package here.