Integrate Cypress with alternative cloud services like Sorry Cypress or Currents

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Integrate Cypress with alternative cloud services like Sorry Cypress or Currents - is a hosted cloud service used to run millions of Cypress tests without breaking the bank. This is an enhanced version of Sorry Cypress with better security, performance, analytics, integrations and support.
Sorry Cypress - is an open-source, free alternative to Cypress Cloud that unlocks unlimited parallelization, test recordings, and integration with GitHub, Slack and more.

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cy2 integrates cypress
with alternative orchestration services like Sorry Cypress or Currents.
Dec 2023 Update
If you are seeing Error: certificate has expired, please upgrade to version 4.0.8+.
March 2023 Update
⭐️ Cypress 12.6.0+ users, please use if you are seeing Cypress does not support recording test results to this third party service error ⭐️
Changelog | License GPL-3.0+


npm install cy2

CLI Usage

Set the environment variable CYPRESS_API_URL and run cy2. The command passes down all the CLI flags to cypress runner as-is.
# use `http://localhost:1234` as orchestration cloud service
CYPRESS_API_URL="http://localhost:1234/" cy2 run --parallel --record --key somekey --ci-build-id hello-cypress

Example usage with sorry-cypress. The URL should point to director service.
CYPRESS_API_URL="" cy2 run  --parallel --record --key somekey --ci-build-id hello-cypress



Run Cypress via its Module API
run(apiUrl: string, config: CypressCommandLine.CypressRunOptions): Promise<CypressCommandLine.CypressRunResult | CypressCommandLine.CypressFailedRunResult>

import { run } from 'cy2';

const results = await run('', {
  reporter: 'junit',
  browser: 'chrome',
  config: {
    baseUrl: 'http://localhost:8080',
    video: true,


Spawn Cypress as a child process and inherit all the flags and environment variables. It invokes process.exit with the child process' exit code.
spawn(apiUrl: string): Promise<void>

import { spawn } from 'cy2';

await spawn(process.env.CYPRESS_API_URL);

Breaking Changes

Version 4

  • patch method was deprecated. Use run instead.

Version 3

  • Starting version 3+, the API methods run and patch rely on process.env.CYPRESS_API_URL instead of accepting an argument. That's because of a new patching method that doesn't permanently change cypress configuration after invoking cy2.

patch deprecated in 4+

Deprecated due to the changes in cypress introduced in version 12+.

Change cypress configuration without running it.
patch(cypressPackageEntryPath: string) => Promise<void>

⚠️ Make sure to set process.env.CYPRESS_API_URL before invoking patch
import { patch } from 'cy2';
import cypress from 'cypress';

process.env.CYPRESS_API_URL = 'https://dashboard.service.url';

async function main() {
  // optional - provide cypress package main entry point location
  await patch(require.resolve('cypress'));

      // the path is relative to the current working directory
      spec: './cypress/e2e/examples/',
    .then((results) => {
    .catch((err) => {
main().catch((error) => {