A Testrail reporter for cypress including TestRail API basic library

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TestRail Reporter for Cypress
version downloads MIT License Publishes Cypress runs on TestRail.


```shell $ npm install cypress-testrail-accumulative-reporter --save-dev ```


Add reporter to your cypress.json: ```json ... "reporter": "cypress-testrail-accumulative-reporter", "reporterOptions": { "domain": "", "username": "username", "password": "password", "projectId": 1, "suiteId": 1, } ``` Your Cypress tests should include the ID of your TestRail test case. Make sure your test case IDs are distinct from your test titles: ```Javascript // Good: it("C123 C124 Can authenticate a valid user", ... it("Can authenticate a valid user C321", ... // Bad: it("C123Can authenticate a valid user", ... it("Can authenticate a valid userC123", ... ```

Reporter Options

domain: string domain name of your TestRail instance (e.g. for a hosted instance username: string email of the user under which the test run will be created. password: string password or the API key for the aforementioned user. projectId: number project with which the tests are associated. suiteId: number suite with which the tests are associated. runName: string (optional) name of the Testrail run.

TestRail Settings

To increase security, the TestRail team suggests using an API key instead of a password. You can see how to generate an API key here. If you maintain your own TestRail instance on your own server, it is recommended to enable HTTPS for your TestRail installation. For TestRail hosted accounts maintained by Gurock, all accounts will automatically use HTTPS. You can read the whole TestRail documentation here.


Milutin Savovic - github


This project is licensed under the MIT license.