Add arrows to your paths using CSS dash-array and SVG triangle shapes

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A small library designed to work with d3-sankey-circular to append arrows to sankey links, like in this example. The function creates a path for each link in the data, and uses dash-array to create individual arrows. I use dash-array works well where there are curves in a path. This library can be used with other chart types, as long as the path function can be specified to the pathArrows instance.


Create an instance of pathArrows, with function that will draw the path. Then call the instance of pathArrows on a selection that has the path data appended to it, for example: ```js let arrows = pathArrows()
.path(function(link){ return link.path })
.attr("class", "g-arrow")
``` The function accepts four parameters:
  • arrowLength: length of the arrow, in pixels.
  • gapLength: the gap between each arrow, in pixels.
  • arrowHeadSize: the width of the arrow head.
  • path: the function that will draw the path. If you are using this with d3-sankey-circular, use function(link){ return link.path } to access the path string.