A legend component for d3. Given a d3.scale it can create either a color legend, size legend, or symbol legend.

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Full documentation: http://d3-legend.susielu.com

Looking for compatibility with d3 v3?

  • You can see the code for the d3 legend that works with d3 v3 in the v3 branch
  • Documentation for the v3 version of the legend

d3-legend v4 updates (npm version 2.0.0 and higher)

  • Flattened naming for accessing functions
- d3.legend.color => d3.legendColor
- d3.legend.size => d3.legendSize
- d3.legend.symbol => d3.legendSymbol
  • NPM package no longer binds to global d3, is now just an object with the three legend functions


Using just the minified file

You must include the d3 library before including the legend file. Then you can simply add the compiled js file to your website:
  • d3-legend.min.js
  • d3-legend.js (Human readable version)

Using CDN

You can also add the latest version of d3-legend hosted on cdnjs.

Using npm

You can add the d3 legend as a node module by running:
npm i d3-svg-legend -S
To use the version compatible with d3v3 run: npm i d3-svg-legend@1.x -S
Using the import syntax import legend from 'd3-svg-legend' gives access to the three legend types as an object. You can also import them independently for example import { legendColor } from 'd3-svg-legend'
var svg = d3.select("#svg-color-quant");

var quantize = d3.scaleQuantize()
    .domain([ 0, 0.15 ])
    .range(d3.range(9).map(function(i) { return "q" + i + "-9"; }));

  .attr("class", "legendQuant")
  .attr("transform", "translate(20,20)");

var colorLegend = d3.legendColor()



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