A framework for creating reusable charts with D3.js

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A framework for creating reusable charts with D3.js.
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To get started you can:
  • Read about reusability in d3 here
  • Read our introduction post to d3.chart here
  • Dive right into the wiki, which is full of instructions and guides.
  • Check out the Miso Project website which has some live coding examples


You can install d3.chart via bower by running:
$ bower install d3.chart
You can also install it via npm by running:
$ npm install d3.chart
Otherwise, you can download it directly from this repository.


d3.chart implements "UMD", making it convenient to consume from a number of environments:
  • The library may be loaded in a web browser directly via HTML <script>
tags--just be sure to load it after D3.js, e.g.
```html ```
  • From AMD-enabled environments, simply
add an entry for "d3.chart" in your paths configuration. (e.g. via tools like Browserify) should "just work"

Build Instructions

Build requirements:

To fetch required dependencies, run the following command from the root of this repository:
$ npm install
$ bower install
After this, the project can be built by invoking Grunt from within this repository:
$ grunt