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Dashbot - Analytics for your bot
Dashbot gives you easy access to analytics for your bot for free.


Create a free account at https://www.dashbot.io and get an APIKEY.
dashbot is available via NPM.
npm install --save dashbot

Follow the instructions at https://www.dashbot.io/docs

Configuration Options

Additional configuration options are available when importing the dashbot module. The configuration options are passed through via a config object in the dashbot call.
const configuration = {
  'debug': true,
  'redact': true,
  'timeout': 1000,

const dashbot = require('dashbot')(process.env.DASHBOT_API_KEY_ALEXA, configuration).alexa;

The following are the available configuration keys:
debug - ``boolean`` logs helpful debugging information
redact - ``boolean`` removes personally identifiable information using redact-pii (more info here
timeout - ``number`` timeouts requests after given milliseconds

What's New

dashbot@next (v12.0.0)

  • removed dependencies redact-pii and dashbot-logger
- clients will now have to install these packages separately in order to use the redact option or the alexa log integration