Hypergrid in-memory data source

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This module implements a data source for a simple memory-resident ("local") data table with an essential API of getRowCount(), getValue(x,y) to get a cell, and getSchema() (to get column information implicit in the data).
This essential API is all that is required by Hypergrid v3. Other methods are also included to set up the data row array (setData(arr)), get individual rows (getRow(y)), etc., but these are not required by Hypergrid. API documentation
The current version datasaur-local@3.0.0 should not be considered backward compatible to the previously published version datasaur-local@1.0.0 and certainly not compatible with Hypergrid v2 which had its own local data source (./src/lib/DataSourceOrigin.js) extended from an entirely different base class (fin-hypergrid-data-source-base@0.4.11).