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AutoFill for DataTables with styling for Bootstrap4
This package contains a built distribution of the AutoFill extension for DataTables with styling for Bootstrap4.
AutoFill adds an Excel like data fill option to DataTables, allowing click and drag over cells, filling in information and incrementing numbers as needed.



For inclusion of this library using a standard <script> tag, rather than using this package, it is recommended that you use the DataTables download builder which can create CDN or locally hosted packages for you, will all dependencies satisfied.


npm install

ES3 Syntax
var $ = require( 'jquery' );
var dt = require( '' )( window, $ );

ES6 Syntax
import ''


bower install --save


Full documentation and examples for AutoFill can be found on the website.

Bug / Support

Support for DataTables is available through the DataTables forums and commercial support options are available.


If you are thinking of contributing code to DataTables, first of all, thank you! All fixes, patches and enhancements to DataTables are very warmly welcomed. This repository is a distribution repo, so patches and issues sent to this repo will not be accepted. Instead, please direct pull requests to the DataTables/AutoFill. For issues / bugs, please direct your questions to the DataTables forums.


This software is released under the MIT license. You are free to use, modify and distribute this software, but all copyright information must remain.