Automatically adds datepickers to input[type=date] on IE, Firefox, and OS X Safari.

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Just include this simple script and IE, Firefox, and OS X Safari will support <input type="date">, without any dependencies, not even jQuery!
Support dynamically created inputs, so can be used in single page applications.
Forked from nodep-date-input-polyfill. Continuing as a separate project.


npm install --save date-input-polyfill
Add to your project:
  • Webpack/Browserify: require('date-input-polyfill');
or alongside **Babel:** `import 'date-input-polyfill';`
  • Script Tag: Copy date-input-polyfill.dist.js from node_modules and
include it anywhere in your HTML.
  • This package also supports AMD.


which you may override with your own.
  • Polyfills valueAsDate and valueAsNumber:
Learn more about these properties. They behave as getters and setters.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Esc will hide the datepicker. Up/Down will
increment/decrement the date by one day.
  • Localization: Specify the datepicker's locale by setting the
lang attribute of the input element. The default locale is en.
`<input type="date" lang="en" />`
  • Formatting: Specify the display format by setting either the
date-format or data-date-format attribute of the input element. The default format is yyyy-mm-dd. Available options list.
`<input type="date" date-format="mm/dd/yyyy" />`

`<input type="date" data-date-format="mm/dd/yyyy" />`


Local Development

Run npm start or, for Cloud9 IDE users: npm run start-c9


Run npm run build