Database as a service. Expose db to REST and GraphQL.

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Database as a service. Expose db to REST and GraphQL.

Provide wrapper, tooling and configuration to ease Node.js development with auto generated API for database and highly customizable extensions.
Simply create table and column to generate the API and add custom extension whenever required.


  • Common configuration like tsconfig, gulpfile and eslintrc
  • Fully TypeScript support for custom extensions
  • Auto restart for every file save
  • Graceful shutdown and close database connection


npm i -S dbaas
yarn add dbaas


Declare models

interface Post {
  id: number
  title: string
  content: string
declare module "dbaas" {
  interface Models {
    posts: Post
    // add all models here

Create custom endpoints


import { RegisterEndpoint } from "dbaas"

const registerEndpoint: RegisterEndpoint = (router, ctx) => {
  /** GET /post/ */
  router.get("/", (_, res) => {
export default registerEndpoint

Create action and filter hooks


import { RegisterHook } from "dbaas"

const registerHook: RegisterHook = function ({ filter, action }, ctx) {
  // The `posts` string below is type checked so no mistake and better suggestions
  filter("posts.items.update", async (input) => {
    // prevent from update fields when status changed to review
    return input
  action("posts.items.update", async (input) => {
    // or capture dateApproved when status change to approved
export default registerHook

Extend gulpfile


const defaultGulpFile = require("./node_modules/dbaas/dist/gulpfile.js")
module.exports = {

Then simply run like this yarn gulp start

Creating API

Create table and column from database first. All REST and GraphQL API auto generated from the table and column.
Follow the example.env and create .env that will be loaded by dotenv to connect to the database.

Future projects

  • Custom workflow for hooks and automation