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Debug Webpack Plugin

This is a webpack plugin that makes it easier to debug webpack builds or plugins. It's built on top of debug.

Getting started

Install the plugin:
npm install --save-dev debug-webpack-plugin

Example as a plugin

This plugin can be included to make it easier to debug your webpack builds (and provide some insight into how webpack works). As a convenience, all events that webpack supports for plugins are already included in the plugin.
var DebugWebpackPlugin = require('debug-webpack-plugin');
var path = require('path');

module.exports = {
  context: path.join(__dirname, 'app'),
  plugins: [
    new DebugWebpackPlugin({
      // Defaults to ['webpack:*'] which can be VERY noisy, so try to be specific
      scope: [
        'webpack:compiler:*', // include compiler logs
        'webpack:plugin:ExamplePlugin' // include a specific plugin's logs
      // Inspect the arguments passed to an event
      // These are triggered on emits
      listeners: {
        'webpack:compiler:run': function(compiler) {
          // Read some data out of the compiler
      // Defaults to the compiler's setting
      debug: true;
  // This compiler setting changes the debug settings of loaders
  // and is respected by the DebugWebpackPlugin
  debug: true

Example in a plugin

When you're building a plugin and want to make it easier to debug, you can do the following:
var Debugger = require('debug-webpack-plugin').Debugger;

module.exports = {
  apply: function(compiler) {
    // Create your namespaced debugger
    var dbg = Debugger(compiler).create('webpack:plugin:ExamplePlugin');
    compiler.plugin('run', function(comp, cb) {
      // Log something with the namespaced debugger
      dbg.log('The plugin is logging something');
      // Emit something that can be listened to
      dbg.emit({something: 'The plugin is emitting something'});