Deep cloning of Arrays and plain Objects.

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Deep cloning of data.
$ npm i -S deep-clone

deepClone(obj, [stringFormatter])

Recursively clone nested objects and arrays containing primitive data or nested objects and arrays containing primitive data. Clones Date objects too.
import deepClone from 'deep-clone'

const foo = { bar: 'baz' }
const fooClone = deepClone(foo)

assert.deepEqual(foo, fooClone)
assert.notEqual(foo, fooClone)

const arr = [{ foo: 'bar'}, { baz: 'qux'}]
const arrClone = deepClone(arr)

assert.deepEqual(arr, arrClone)
assert.notEqual(arr, arrClone)

Deep clone an Object or Array and format the keys.
import camelCase from 'camelcase'
import deepClone from 'deep-clone'

const foo = { bar_baz: 'qux' }
const fooClone = deepClone(foo, camelCase)

assert.deepEqual(fooClone, { barBaz: 'qux' })

import camelCase from 'camelcase'
import { formatKeys } from 'deep-clone'

const camelKeys = formatKeys(camelCase)
const arr = [{ foo_bar: 'baz' }, { qux_quux: 'corge' }]
const camelClone = camelKeys(arr)

assert.deepEqual(camelClone, [{ fooBar: 'baz' }, { quxQuux: 'corge' }])

Circular references are handled using a Map.
const foo = { bar: 'baz' }

foo.qux = [foo]

const clone = deepClone(foo)

assert.deepEqual(clone, foo)
assert.equal(clone.qux[0], clone)

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