**Please use yarn instead of npm**

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Please use yarn instead of npm ```bash yarn install ```


  1. Create .env.development and .env.production files. Refer to .env.example file.
  1. Run yarn storybook to download tailwind preset from CMS.

Important Notes

To create a component

  1. Create a new branch in the following format component/component-name
  1. Add component interface in src/lib/models.ts file
  1. Create component in src/components folder.

To demo component in Storybook

  1. Create story in stories folder. Refer to official Storybook docs here.


  • Components props views interfaces should be shared in npm packages
  • Any component shouldn't have much logic and it can always assume it will take the props from the controller component
  • x Make a tailwind setup similar to the newsifier main project
  • Solidify interfaces and separate logic from view for these components
  • Create a @types (TS type definitions) and @helpers NPM package (create newsifier NPM account) for components
  • Setup storybook boilerplate
  • x Create README
  • Setup layout for pages
  • Sync styling for storybook and main project
  • Using next/images in storybook