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Calculate kerning pairs for a font. npm install detect-kerning ```js const kerning = require('detect-kerning') let pairs = kerning('Roboto') / {
'A”': -10,
'W.': -5,
'P,': -3,
/ // get px kerning for 16px font-size let px = 16 pairs'AV' / 1000 ```

pairs = kerning(family|familyList, pairs|range|options?)

Detect kerning pairs for the font family or stack of families and return their kerning in 1000 units/em. Optionally pass specific kerning pairs to check, or a unicode range, by default all printable ASCII character pairs are detected from the [32, 126] range. Alternatively, an options object can define:
  • options.pairs - specific pairs to check;
  • options.range - unicode range to detect pairs from;
  • options.fontSize - base font size to use for check. Can affect performance, by default 16.
  • options.threshold - font size (em) ratio to detect kerning, by default 0.05. Values below that number can bloat kerning table size.


  • css-font for parsing font-family from css font string.


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